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"The price of greatness is responsibility."
-Winston Churchill

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Welcome to Ki Inspiring Thoughts

The vision of Ki Inspiring Thoughts is to inspire all people to live more peaceful and compassionate lives by utilizing Zen stories, object lessons, martial arts philosophy and ancient wisdom to explore universal truths. Our goal is to inspire readers to embark on a journey of personal transformation through mindful self-introspection in order to maximize their full potential. We are confident that actively participating in this process will enhance relationships, increase self-esteem and mental toughness, promote leadership and result in healthy character development. Ki Inspiring Thoughts is a component of The Center for Humane Living, which is a non-profit organization that utilizes innovative methods to teach the martial arts to the community free of charge. Ki Inspiring Thoughts was developed to take the philosophical teachings within the practice of the martial arts and share these messages with a broader audience. This web page contains multiple features utilizing a variety of media in order to inspire continuous spiritual, emotional and physical self-improvement or Kaizen.

Society is consistently becoming more complicated and challenging to live according to a moral and ethical code.  Our society is filled with increasing violence and bullying, erosion of the family unit, increasing financial pressures, increasing apathy towards organized religion and a growing undercurrent of entitlement within our youth.  In the current environment, many adults and more importantly the youth of today have fewer and fewer resources and opportunities to challenge themselves on the path to self-actualization or self-optimization. 

As you probably already know, traditional martial arts training is not centered on teaching the physical art.  Instead, it is based upon a belief that students should be taught to live according to a strict moral and ethical code deeply rooted in the physical, spiritual, and philosophic practice of the martial arts, which results in a more peaceful existence.  This is called “The Way” by martial artists.  Our modern day society is in desperate need of these ideals, insights and wisdom that “The Way” teaches.

Unfortunately, similar to the societal trends we see, the teaching of the martial arts in the United States has evolved into a business and many organizations have streamlined the instructional process.  This change in focus has shifted the emphasis away from the true intent of the martial arts into one of making money and teaching on solely the physical skills of the art.  Most dojos no longer teach their students to live according to the way of the peaceful, honorable warrior.

The Center for Humane Living and Ki Inspiring Thoughts are exceptions to this trend as we place our focus on creating an environment where we produce martial artists with superior physical skills, but more importantly we provide our students with the opportunity to embark on a journey of personal transformation.  This inevitably results in tremendous character development, improvements in communication and relationships and the development of leadership skills.

Ki Inspiring Thoughts is aimed at filling the gap between current day and traditional martial arts training, as well as providing a broader voice to spread the many life lessons and insights that martial arts, Zen philosophy and living the way can provide. Whether you practice a martial art or simply want to live a more inspired, focused life Ki Inspiring Thoughts is for you. We hope you enjoy, learn and grow as you continue down your life’s path.


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